Inner Voices : III

Inner Voices : III for Solo Cello
First performed by Lucy Simmonds at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Programme Notes

“Inner Voices” is a suite of virtuosic pieces for each of the bowed string instruments of the orchestra. The pieces are designed to exploit more of the raw sound produced by the instrument. The opening section of the piece “Hollow Strings” focusses on the harmonics of the instrument and the different timbre they can produce. The middle section “Broken Bow” is a rapid virtuosic segment devised to show the harsh sound which can be made by both the instrument and the bow itself. The final section “Cracked Wood” looks into the sound world of the instrument being used more percussively with the bow being turned to the wood and the strings being plucked. This section also incorporates parts from the previous segments bringing a full picture of the different colours that the instrument presents. This piece also has live electronic manipulations which enhance the sound and distorts the colour to add a secondary level of texture. Between each section there is also a pre-written tape track to solidify the piece with more coherence.