Deep Waters

Deep Waters
First performed by an ensemble from the National Youth Orchestra of Wales at St Davids Hall, Cardiff.

Programme Note
Deep Waters:
• Sunrise,
• Deep Waters,
• The Storm,
• Moonlight on the sea.

Deep Waters is a set of musical sketches deriving from my time spent by the sea growing up. The opening depicts the rise of the sun over the sea at first light with the shimmer and swells of the violas representing the water and tide. The music flows into an eerie and hollow sound with an extended flute cadenza representing the second sketch of the music emulating my time spent in the deep waters of the ocean with no land or life to be seen around me. The music then builds with a more intense and sporadic feeling, representing the sketch of the storm which has hit the waters that were calm. The final section of the music outlines the moonlight shimmering on the water at the end of the day with a short revisit to the theme presented in the opening. The music comes to a close with a reflected and tentative feel dying to the end with the moonlight fading away.